API Overview

About the Tendril platform's REST APIs

The Tendril platform's REST API allows you to build applications that use Representational State Transfer HTTP calls to retrieve and modify Tendril platform data.

Categories and corresponding API functionality are listed below. Click on the category names for more details on the APIs and to try sample API calls. XSD schemas available upon request.

User Management

Retrieve and Update user information including name, email address and account information.

Home Profile and Building Model

Retrieve and update Home Profile information. Run a Building Model Simulation to generate estimated energy consumption based on a user's home characteristics (Home Profile) across a specified time period. Results can be returned by end-use.


Retrieve energy savings Actions and Challenges, optionally filtered by category.


Retrieve Bills for a User.

Energy Consumption

Retrieve energy cost and consumption data for a user across a specified time period and at specified resolution. Retrieve and update meter readings.


Retrieve a user's pricing program, create a new pricing program, enroll a user in a pricing program.

Savings Goal

Retrieve and update a user's savings goal.